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New Era for Miss Universe: Embracing Diversity and Inclusivity

 “Miss Universe's Evolution: Diversity, Inclusivity, and Changing Standards”

In a groundbreaking move, Miss Universe saw a change in ownership in October 2022, with billionaire Anne Jakkaphong, a trans woman of Thai origin, taking the reins.

Historical Background:

Miss Universe originated in the 1950s as a response to a bikini controversy, diverging from the Miss America contest. CBS TV acquired the rights in the 1960s, and by 1972, the pageant had expanded globally.

Evolution of Standards:

The pageant broke barriers in 1977 when Janelle Commissiong became the first black woman to win. Initially, contestants had age and marital restrictions. The 1990s saw more countries joining, emphasizing intelligence and communication skills.

 Donald Trump Era:

From 1996 to 2015, Donald Trump's ownership led to changes, shifting focus to a 'Top Model'-style concept and introducing the dramatic elimination format for finalists.

Modernizing Rules:

Recent years witnessed changes, including a participant being legally recognized as a woman since 2012, paving the way for transgender contestants. Angela Ponce, Miss Spain in 2018, exemplified this inclusivity.

Further Inclusivity:

Miss Universe announced plans to allow married women and those with children to participate from 2023, challenging long-standing norms. The shift aims to recognize women's agency over their lives.

Age Limit Adjustment:

While the pageant embraces various changes, the age limit remains a focal point. The current requirement is 18 to 27, limiting opportunities for older models like Maye Musk.

Looking to the Future:

As Miss Universe continues to redefine beauty standards, one wonders if age limitations might evolve in the future, reflecting the ongoing commitment to inclusivity.


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